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Sing A Rhyme!

Here are some rhymes integrated with music and activities your child may enjoy:

“Itsy, Bitsy, Spider” – read the rhyming lyrics to the song, get the sheetmusic, print out some coloring pages and get suggestions for art projects and recipes themed around this classic children’s song here:

“I’m a Little Teapot” – Read the lyrics, hear the tune, and learn […]

Make a "Wish Book"!

Look through catalogs, magazines, and newspaper advertisements and cut out the things your child would like to have. Glue these pictures to a page. Put them into a mini-book and caption each picture. Send it to grandma and grandpa so that they’ll know just what to get your child for his/her birthday!

For more ideas on […]

Pretend to Read

Ask your child to “read” to you. Encourage them to pretend. Some kids memorize favorite stories page by page – and can easily retell the story in a way that seems like they are reading.  Leave books around for your child to look through; ask them to tell you the  story while you’re cooking or […]