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Build an Obstacle Course

One way to improve motor skills, get some exercise, and help your child learn vocabulary and concepts needed for reading readiness is to build and use an obstacle course. Ideas for building an obstacle course may be found here:

Give your child a head start on the road to life-long learning […]

Day 259: More Obstacle Course Fun

After using chairs, tables, ropes, boxes, etc., to create an obstacle course, you can use it to teach your children simple directions like in, through, on, and more.

Start by having them jump from one scarf (or fabric scrap/towel) to another that you placed on the floor like stepping stones. Then, as they come to a […]

Day 253: Make an Obstacle Course

Here’s a way to get a little exercise while introducing vocabulary and concepts needed for reading readiness skills.

Use whatever materials you have around the house to create an obstacle course before you invite the kids to do this activity.

Some things you can use are: chairs, tables, rope or strong string, masking tape, scarves, fabric scraps or […]