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Fun with Pumpkin Seeds

Cut off the top of a pumpkin and let your little one look inside. Ask, “How many seeds do you think are inside the pumpkin?” Write down their guess.  Scoop out the seeds. What do the seeds feel like? Are the seeds hard or soft? Are they slimy, and squishy?  Use lots of words to […]


The third sister is pumpkin and squash, both are part of the gourd family. Their large leaves help to keep the soil moist, and the weeds from growing out of control. Their vines are prickly and help to keep out unwanted animals; this helped both crops of corn and […]

Day 302: Open Face Pumpkin Sandwiches

Since it’s getting close to Halloween, you will see many Jack-O-Lanterns around the neighborhood. Try making funny pumpkin faces on open face sandwiches.

You’ll need an assortment of condiments such as sliced olives, red or green bell peppers cut into strips, carrot coins or tips or curls, parsley or basil or lettuce leaves, raisins, o-shaped cereal, […]