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Day 320: Corn (Social Science)

Native Americans made cornhusk dolls for their children to play with; they also used the dolls in sacred healing ceremonies.

To make a cornhusk doll with your child you will need:

Dried Cornhusks
Corn silk (optional)

Directions: For step by step, illustrated instructions visit: Teachers First

Native Tech has instructions for a male and female cornhusk doll

Note: […]

Day 305: Hope in the New World

November is here and Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Here is a bit of history about this holiday, provided by Fran Wisniewski.

After a long and difficult journey, the Mayflower landed in America on December 26, 1620. The Pilgrims settled into an old Native American village to protect themselves from New England’s cold winter.

When the winter […]