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Dr. Moore Speaks on the Institutionalization of Children

It’s risky to ship your little ones off if you personally like being home in the bosom of your family — the Golden Rule suggests you’d better heed this:

“. . . the earlier you institutionalize your child, the earlier he will institutionalize you!”

– Dr. Raymond S. Moore, Remarks to The World Congress […]

Does Your Child Go To Preschool?

“Does your child go to preschool?” This is a question parents of very young children hear frequently. From family members to strangers in the check-out line at the grocery store, people want to know when a tot will begin attending preschool. They may even ask the child, “Do you go to preschool?”

For a […]

What Is the BEST Packaged Preschool Curriculum?

I saw this question posted to an education discussion list:

“Can anyone provide a link to a packaged pre-school program? My child just turned 3 YO in January.”

The question resulted in someone else asking, “If you could design the ultimate packaged preschool curriculum, what would it contain?”

I’d like to hear your thoughts […]