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Support Film on Education

How To Get YOUR NAME listed in the credits of a powerful new Film

That will reform Education in Americaas it answers the question…

Do We Really Need School?

“Do we really need school? I don’t mean education, just forced schooling: six classes a day, five days a week, nine months a year, for twelve […]

TN Pre-K Vote & Library/Pre-K Connection

Tennessee Pre-K Poll

With your help, the results of the Tennessee Preschool Poll are changing! As of 9:00 AM PST today — it’s 48% for, 49% against. Keep voting! And if you haven’t voted, this item that the UP webmaster came across should inspire you…

A state legislator who has started a blog (and has […]

Tennessee Preschool Poll

Add Tennessee to the list of states eager to use your tax dollars to implement preschool-for-all programs to institutionalize and indoctrinate little kids.

Please take a moment and vote on this issue — of course, I’m hoping you’ll join me in voting “No.”

Current results are 60% in favor of government preschool (743 votes) to […]