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TN Pre-K Vote & Library/Pre-K Connection

Tennessee Pre-K Poll

With your help, the results of the Tennessee Preschool Poll are changing! As of 9:00 AM PST today — it’s 48% for, 49% against. Keep voting! And if you haven’t voted, this item that the UP webmaster came across should inspire you…

A state legislator who has started a blog (and has ruffled lots of highly placed feathers as a result) pointed out that the governor’s people had contacted the Pre-K proponents and let them know that the poll was up.

If you go to that link you can learn how the governor is trying to manipulate the poll in favor of expanding Pre-K programs by encouraging pre-k advocates to vote “yes.” There is something very satisfying about rallying support and action for the “no” vote. 🙂

Keep voting and tell your friends to vote too. To vote go to:


Library News

I received a letter from the Redwood City, California Library Foundation yesterday that felt like a punch in the gut. I live in Redwood City and this news was hard to hear. The library sent a letter that referred to the Lucille Packard Foundation’s Rand Study saying:

“…universal preschool is good not only for children, but also for the economy. For every dollar spent on making preschool available to each four-year-old child in the state, California stands to make $2-4. Universal preschool reduces the use of social programs, increases high school graduation rates, and lowers juvenile criminal activity. And because the Redwood City School District has been selected as one of two pilot programs in San Mateo County, we will be among the first to benefit from the positive results.

Why is this relevant to the Redwood City Library Foundation? Because several years ago, we had the opportunity to fund the Library’s Traveling Storytime program. Realizing the importance of early childhood literacy, the Redwood City Library Foundation provided the funds to have a designated library staff member work with and train community volunteers to read at childcare and preschool centers throughout Redwood City….As universal preschool becomes a reality in Redwood City, there will undoubtedly be greater demand for the free services offered through the Redwood City Public Library.

…As more emphasis is placed on creating educational opportunities for younger and younger children, the Library and all its services will be a key component of our community’s success, and the Redwood City Library Foundation will be there to help.”

I love that line “Universal preschool reduces the use of social programs…” Huh? Universal preschool IS a social program!

I hope you see what I do. The library will receive money to offer support and resources to universal preschool programs. Libraries everywhere have taken big hits in funding and universal preschool programs will provide a way for them to get additional funding by offering training, programs, and the facilities. Free money. Everybody wants some. And community agencies (like libraries) are so steeped in bureaucracy that they are used to adeptly dealing with the strings that are attached to the funding.

Even my local Redwood City library that I support and adore, blindly accepts that the info from the biased Rand study about universal preschool being good for chidren is correct. The library also doesn’t seem to have concern for where the money comes from fund these preschool-for-all programs. It comes from taxpayers’ pockets. But it doesn’t seem like the library or any other entity or person cares if people who make $800,000 or more are taxed to support UP programs — as Rob Reiner’s proposal for the CA June, 2006 ballot calls out. It’s interesting that the government can single out and discriminate against a portion of the population based on high income and mandate they pay higher taxes to support UP — but they don’t target a segment of the population based on low income (who have already been identified by government as most “in need” of UP programs) and mandate participation in UP programs. Not that I would favor such legislation — I just see that this grows, as Alice in Wonderland said, “curiouser and curiouser.”

1 comment to TN Pre-K Vote & Library/Pre-K Connection

  • Anonymous

    Better Value

    I am a grandmother of 5 girls under the age of 3. The two year olds can count to at least 10, know their colors, shapes, animals, body parts, good verbal skills, and love to learn. We have two daughters. I spent alot of time playing educational games with them from infancy to kindergarten age.

    We placed them in a very popular quality Christian school for kindergarten. When we enrolled them in kindergarten, they both tested as in the second semister of 1st grade, but were held back to kindergarten because of their age.

    We homeschooled them after four years and found that they learned more quickly and enjoyed it more learning at home than in school. Both did well on their SAT and went on to college. I am the only one of six children who graduated from high school and have no special training in teaching children. I educated myself “on the job.”

    I think that a much better use of public money would be to educate the parents on how to raise, care for, & teach their children, as well as funding for preschools for low-income families where both parents must work. I know many kids who entered kindgergarten not even knowing how to count to ten or dress themselves.

    I know many parents who spend more time shopping or playing golf than with their children. However, you can’t “educate” parents to love their children.

    PS Please look at and consider adding your URL to the WWW section for useful sites outside of Houston, TX. We live near Houston and find this site very useful.

    Rebecca Gurnsey | 10/31/2005 10:39:06 AM

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