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Proof Reiner Misused Taxpayer’s Money

Below, you’ll find a link to a MUST READ blog that offers proof of the misuse of taxpayer dollars by the Rob Reiner-led California Children & Families Commission in order to promote the passage of Prop 82, The Preschool-For-All Act that will be on the June 2006 CA ballot.

The “Big Lizards Blog” contains a link to a 2002 memo (undoubtedly never meant for public circulation) by GMMB, the company that created the $23 million ad campaign that was timed to air EXACTLY when Reiner and special interest groups were collecting signatures to qualify the Preschool-For-All initiative for the June 2006 ballot.

The memo outlines an ad campaign strategy (paid for by tax dollars) for not only changing public opinion and beliefs about the need for state involvement in early learning, but for creating a demand for it!

It is illegal to use tax dollars to fund political campaigns or influence voters.

While several politicians have removed their support of Preschool-For-All in light of a pending audit, the Attorney General has removed himself from involvement and the Audit Commission is stalling the investigation – it may not happen until AFTER the election!

As the Big Lizards blog entry reads, “Considering how much money Reiner and his Hollywood friends have spread around the California Democratic Party, it’s still an open question whether Reiner’s misuse of taxpayer money will ever be investigated at all…despite the clear evidence of intent found in this 2002 memo.”

Read the entire blog and the memo at:

Just seeing how plans were made to manipulate public opinion will make you angry and frustrated — but it’s imperative to read it so you understand how we are all controlled and manipulated, and how taxpayer money was misused by the Reiner-led California Children & Families Commission.

I know this takes people out of their comfort zone. It’s much easier not to look, to be ignorant, or to be in denial. If you really care about opposing
Universal Preschool in CA and throughout the nation, then please, click on the link, read the blog, and read the memo.

I hope voters won’t entrust vulnerable 4-year-olds to legislation that has been sold like snake-oil to them by people seemingly without ethics or political principles.

1 comment to Proof Reiner Misused Taxpayer’s Money

  • Anonymous

    Reiner: Self-serving wannabe politico

    Wake up everyone!! Reiner is about to pull off the scam of the decade. The truth is far more disgusting than the statistically erroneous basis for this proposition or the taxpayer-funded ads he used to hypnotize the non-thinkers.

    If this proposition passes, Reiner will have sealed support from the powerful and empty-headed state teachers union in any future elections in which he would run. All of those pre-school jobs that are currently in the private sector will be transferred to the public sector. The teachers union will receive a motherload of new union dues which it desperately needs after going into deep debt to defeat Schwarzenegger’s propositions.

    In the future, he will romance Mexican voters by claiming that his proposition helped illegal immigrants from Mexico by providing free daycare so the mothers can work in order to afford housing here in expensive California. He will also give illegal immigrants another huge incentive to invade our borders.

    Denise Labadie | 5/29/2006 10:35:04 PM

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