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Illinois: Opposing ‘Government Knows Best’

Well, here’s some good news, I hope. I was reading our Sunday paper and had enough of the lectures for more money, more “job creation” and more oversight for all. My letter was published today (Friday, June 23, 2006) responding to Voices for IL Children president’s spiel about more, more and more.

Doesn’t want ‘Voices’ speaking for her

After looking at Voices for Illinois Children’s Web site, I found its president’s lecture offensive in his June 18 letter, (“Get involved in education decisions,” Page C2, Your Views). The group appears to be a powerful Chicago based institution of the ‘government knows best’ variety.

Their “advocacy” theme is this: “Children do not vote and they do not make campaign contributions. So children need advocates who constantly speak out for them in the political process.” I thought parents, who know and love each individual child best should speak out for their children.

I didn’t ask Voices for Illinois Children to speak for my child with legislators.

Their agenda asks for more money from the taxpayers and more bureaucratic oversight; as evidenced in his letter giving us – parents and taxpayers – our mission. Has the money been well spent for kindergarten-12th grade programs across the state? If not, then why add to
the ineffective pile with 3-year-old little ones? His real purpose – buried in the “nice” talk to “achieve a better day” – is in black and white: job creation.

Mr. Stermer states: “Many state leaders don’t believe that Illinoisans are ready to help today’s schoolchildren with today’s dollars.”

His jobs motivator with agendas like the now-mandated Social/Emotional Learning Standards and demands for more money for school mental health supports aren’t “truly necessary,” but Orwellian.

Children don’t need institutionalized interventions, pushed by groups such as Voices for Illinois Children and the governor’s other collaborators, such as Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health. Legal mandates are usually touted by those who will benefit financially. Not a dime need be spent assuming that most parents/families know best rather than groups with names such as Voices for Illinois Children. I don’t have the
voice that they have, but no one advocates for my children more than their father and me.

Susan Ryan

I elaborated on this a bit more on our blog:
Letter Opposing ‘Government Knows Best’ Variety

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