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Bill Gates Senior – The Preschool Pusher Man

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced on July 10th that they are part of a public-private partnership for universal preschool in Washington state under the despicable name, “Thrive By Five.” Nothing about universal preschool causes children to thrive — in fact, it’s more likely to cause a failure to thrive.

Government school programs ALWAYS […]

Virginia Governor Makes Dumb Move with ‘Smart Beginnings’

Virginia’s Governor Tim Kaine made a monumentally dumb move yesterday by launching the first in a series of “summit” meetings on early childhood education to promote the “Smart Beginnings” program — that will include universal preschool.

Using the same idiotic rhetoric of other governor-preschool-pushers, Kaine said, “By making smart investments today, we can lay […]

Freedom, Fascism & Fireworks

We’ve talked about Universal Preschool being nothing more than a feat of social engineering to train a workforce and consumers for the global economy.

On the 4th of July I attended a BBQ at a friend’s home. After a great meal and stimulating conversation about the New World Order, the China Question, and other topics […]