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Bill Gates Senior – The Preschool Pusher Man

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced on July 10th that they are part of a public-private partnership for universal preschool in Washington state under the despicable name, “Thrive By Five.” Nothing about universal preschool causes children to thrive — in fact, it’s more likely to cause a failure to thrive.

Government school programs ALWAYS require accountability for public funds and that means the implementation of curriculum in line with state standards complete with testing. These so-called “quality early learning programs” will usurp parental authority, encourage early separation of young children from their parents, and harm little kids by standardizing their childhoods through curriculum and testing. As any respectable childhood expert will tell you, this is a prescription for disaster.

Heading up the preschool cartel is Bill Gates, Senior (Billy’s dad) who had the gaul to say:

I’ve arrived at the critical importance of early learning late in my life…I now recognize how critical the early years are in preparing children for future success at school and into adulthood.

Egads! Could it be that the rich and all-powerful OZ of Microsoft never went to preschool? I don’t know. But I do know Gates is a college drop-out who hypocritically insists that everyone else should go to college.

Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire, who serves on the Thrive-By-Five board, is positively giddy that the program has been initially funded with more than $9 million. She regurgitates the same, tired placards of the social engineers behind preschooling the masses never bothering to check the facts. Their goal is not what’s best for little kids — it’s to train an obedient global workforce that fuels the economy through non-stop consumption of goods. Don’t believe it?

Read what WA state Senate Minority Leader Mike Hewitt had to say: “Experts agree that investing in early learning is a smart way to save tax payer dollars in the long run by…producing a more educated workforce.”

It’s hard to deny this isn’t about training global workforces when even the VP of Boeing Company, Bob Watt, is trotted out and quoted as saying: “Washington currently lags behind…But now we have the opportunity to dramatically improve…access to early learning.”

And if that’s not enough for you…check out who else is on the board of directors of Thrive by Five Washington:

• Governor Christine Gregoire, co-chair, phone: 360.902.4136
• William H. Gates, Sr., co-chair, phone: 206.352.8598
• Alan Mulally, The Boeing Company, phone: 206.766.2910
• Bob Watt, The Boeing Company, phone: 206.766.2910
• Jackie Bezos, Bezos Family Foundation, email:
• Jolene McCaw, Talaris Research Institute, contact info: 206.859.5608 or email
• Mona Locke, Foundation for Early Learning, phone: 206.525.4801 or email
• Kim Ackerley Cleworth, Ackerley Foundation, phone: 206.624.2888 or email:
• Tony Benton, Clear Channel, Contact: 210.832.3348
• Terry Bergeson, WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction, phone: (360) 725-6000
• Tricia McKay, Medina Foundation, phone: 206.652.8783 or email:
• Kevin C. Washington, Tabor 100, phone: 206) 935-1228 or Email:
• Dan Kranzler, Kirlin Charitable Foundation, phone: 206.381.2250 or

• State Senator Mike Hewitt (R) – Senate Minority Leader, phone: 360-786-7630
• State Representative Ruth Kagi (D) – Chair, House Family & Child Services
Committee, email:

If you are opposed to universal preschool, please contact these people and ask them what the heck they think they’re doing. Tell them to stop peddling preschool as if they were drug-pushers and stay out of the lives of our children.

2 comments to Bill Gates Senior – The Preschool Pusher Man

  • michelle

    Its one thing for those of us with resources to provide quality, experiential learning for our kids (either at home or via a preschool program), but for many, many kids it is poor quality, poorly staffed (think limited daylight, TV on nonstop, cigarette smoke, processed foods). That is what needs to be addressed.

    What I’d really like to see is government & Gates $$ available to pay preschool teachers a livable wage, enhance existing programs, & provide quality mentorship for those teachers.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t think of anything worse than the government trying to get kids ready for the workforce. What’s next? Civics classes in an attempt to ingrain some pride in our country and encourage political participation by the masses? The gall of the Preschoonazis is amazing

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