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Ohio Preschool Threat!

Ohio’s babies are being threatened by preschool proponents and other state agents who want to seamlessly manage the development of vulnerable, young children from birth to school!

On Thursday, June 22, 2006 the Ohio newspaper The Plain Dealer reported an Ohio state panel approved a set of recommendations that, if approved by lawmakers, would make sweeping changes in early childhood education including full-day kindergarten in all communities, subsidized childcare (preschool), requirements that preschool teachers would have to have college credentials, and at-home health assessments for newborns(!).

This came on the heels of unveiling the Ohio Infant & Toddler Guidelines on March 9th, 2006 that set developmental guidelines for children birth to age three that are linked to the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards to create a seamless path from birth to school. This is part of the Build Ohio program that has teamed up with the Ohio Dept of Ed, Dept of Health, Dept of Job and Family Services, and the Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Assn.

This move toward government universal preschools is taking place throughout the country. It not only usurps parental authority, it has the potential to harm the healthy intellectual, physical, social, emotional and psychological development of young children.

If you live and vote in Ohio — now is the time to establish on-going correspondence with your legislators and policy makers. Let them know that you do not support state interference in raising and educating young children.

We welcome anyone who wants or needs help resisting these programs in Ohio or any other state to join our free discussion list for those who oppose universal preschool.

1 comment to Ohio Preschool Threat!

  • consuelo

    Ohio/pre-school/Rob Reiner.
    Rotten Rob has been at this for quite some time. It was probably about a decade ago that Rob was part of a nationwide scam by the usual Government/media team to promote PARENTS AS TEACHERS. A local man, Tom Terez, who was an employee of the State government and a trained facilitator, whose child was enrolled in the Parents As Teachers Program, was assigned to propagandize citizens to accept Leviathan’s many government programs to take over the rearing of our children. I attended one his promotional meetings held in local libraries. He even had “spotters” in the crowd to help with the indoctrination. The local paper, Columbus Dispatch did its job of publicizing the scam to bring in the suckers. It was scary but enlightening to watch him operate.

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