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Virginia Governor Makes Dumb Move with ‘Smart Beginnings’

Virginia’s Governor Tim Kaine made a monumentally dumb move yesterday by launching the first in a series of “summit” meetings on early childhood education to promote the “Smart Beginnings” program — that will include universal preschool.

Using the same idiotic rhetoric of other governor-preschool-pushers, Kaine said, “By making smart investments today, we can lay a foundation – a foundation that will enhance the health of our communities, the vitality of our work force, and the strength of our economy.”

Even if there were proof that this is true — AND THERE ISN’T — you can see that this is about social engineering to prepare a workforce for the global economy. It has nothing to do with what is best for young children.

Among the dunces joining Governor Kaine on the podium were <% =MailMe("","Dr. Jack Shonkoff","E-mail Dr. Jack Shonkoff") %>, Chair of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child and <% =MailMe("","David Lawrence","E-mail David Lawrence") %>, retired publisher of the Miami Herald and President of The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation. The event was co-hosted by The Norfolk Foundation and the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation. Dominion CFO Tom Chewning served as master of ceremonies. If these guys think universal preschool is a smart way to go — they need to have their heads examined.

Virginians need to put on their thinking caps and let Governor Kaine know that “Smart Beginnings” is a dumb idea. Email Governor Kaine now!

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