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Child Care Providers Against Universal Preschool

When I first started this website, it never occurred to me that we would attract so many private child care providers and private preschool owners who are opposed to Universal Preschool. I just assumed because of my personal background and experience in homeschooling that most people who objected to Universal Preschool would be parents who (for a variety of personal, political and philosophical beliefs) didn’t think the government should be involved in institutionalizing and schooling little kids.

I have learned over the course of the past 2 years that opposition to government Universal Preschool has strong support from private child care providers and preschools whose livelihood is threatened by government monopolization. If private programs are replaced by government preschools, then the quality and variety of options for young children and their families who use these private programs will be threatened as well.

While we may not share the same beliefs about preschool, we can definitely be allies in opposing legislation that implements and expands government funded and/or mandated universal preschool programs. Frankly, the government-school-industrial complex that is pushing the universal preschool agenda is so powerful, the private sector must be united in opposing it.

That’s why has started a new discussion group for private child care providers and private preschools. It’s title is Child Care Providers Against Universal Preschool. However, we call it CCPchat for short. 🙂

The official url is

What follows is a description:

“Child Care Providers Against Universal Preschool provides a forum for private child care providers and private preschools to discuss and strategize how to stop the encroachment of government universal preschool programs. Universal Preschool threatens the livelihood of private child care providers and private preschools and in so doing reduces quality child care and preschool options for young children and their families. This list is for developing alliances and discussing methods to stop government monopolization of childcare and preschool programs.”

The new discussion list will be an extension of in our effort to oppose government preschool programs.

Discussion of issues specific to child care and preschool providers should be posted to the new list that addresses and shares their very specific concerns.

If you are a child care or preschool provider please join the new list. Just send a blank email to:

You are welcome to invite other child care and preschool providers who are OPPOSED to universal preschool to join the new discussion list.

1 comment to Child Care Providers Against Universal Preschool

  • Susan Ryan

    Just ran into this IL article today about where the Preschool for All program is heading with new grant money.
    ““So, what we’re basically doing is strengthening the daycare programs that are currently out there with certified teachers that will be like coaches to those (day-care workers),” she said.
    District 118 officials are grateful for the new grant, but say the challenge now is recruitment.”

    Were these daycare workers not doing the job before the “coaches” came in? I strongly suspect that they were and that certification isn’t going to mean diddley to these children.

    I would be offended if I were any of those private daycare/preschool employees and had that dropped in their laps.

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