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Terminator of Childhood Signs CA Preschool Bill

This is a sad day for the children of California. Governor Schwarzenegger signed the Preschool Education Bill (AB 172) into law this morning.

It didn’t matter that California voters rejected Universal Preschool when they soundly defeated Prop 82 at the polls in June.

It didn’t matter that researches at the University of California had released a study that said preschool harms the social and emotional development of young children.

It didn’t matter that pediatricians and child psychologists said preschool adversely effects the intellectual, social, emotional, psychological and physical development of little kids.

The only thing that matters is that the teacher’s unions, corporations, and other special interest groups that grease the palms of politicians get their way.

Little kids — FOUR YEAR OLDS! — will be institutionalized in dreary classrooms for 4-5 hours a day, five days a week, and be indoctrinated by state agents with state curriculum.

The Governnor just condemned California’s most vulnerable citizens to a standardized childhood. God help us all.

2 comments to Terminator of Childhood Signs CA Preschool Bill

  • Anonymous

    redwood city. you hippies quote research from other hippies (name just about any ca university professor) and won’t quit until we all live in a commune, sacrificing ourselves for each other our entire lives. your worthless dribble will never stand on its own. keep appealing to the feelings of other lazy, noncommittal people, because nothing you say stands. check your premises, lady. and do something productive with your life. slime.

  • Joe Hippy

    redwood city. you hippies won’t quit until man is living in a commune, sacrificing themselves for each other their entire lives. cry me a river! it’s nice to see that you rely on hippy researchers in california universities for your information. it’s pointless to tell you that most of their research is based on behavioralism and other pseudo-psychological theories, and that they have zero relavence to reality. you don’t listen to reason or logic. you rationalize EVERYTHING. corporations are evil, right? educators are corrupt, right? American individualism and capitalism and self-reliance and productivity are vile, right? keep throwing pointless dribble at people, and be sure to come to a consensus. socialists thrive on consensus without a clue as to what they’re talking about. don’t confuse people with your rhetoric about taxpayers paying for schools. your socialist agenda is obvious. you don’t want to raise self-reliant Americans, just more hippies primed for consensus.

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