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Vermont: Stacked Deck

Private Vermont preschool providers have been denied a seat at the table and could find themselves out of business if current trends don’t change.

During the 2006 legislative session, the State Board of Education’s Ad Hoc Committee on Early Education concluded that Vermont should not follow the proposed Universal Pre-K policies, citing the high cost and lack of proven benefits for 3- & 4-year olds.

After which, the Senate Education Committee Chairman Don Collins (D-Franklin) dropped all attempts to pass S.132, the early childhood education bill. Instead, in a bizarre move, the Senate Education Committee introduced yet another bill, S.314, requiring still another study on the same subject.

Interestingly enough Vermont private preschool providers, who care for approximately 22,000 children in Vermont, have no voice in this debate. Senator Wendy Wilton (R-Rutland) is well versed in what’s at stake, in the universal preschool debate. The senator asked and was denied the right to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee, in favor of more supportive members.

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1 comment to Vermont: Stacked Deck

  • Anonymous

    When are parents going to realize that the schools are raising our children and forming young minds to their own liking with or without your knowledge or approval. Schools realize that they hold the power to shape the future through our childs education and schools have become a very politically motivated. Our children are part of a grand social experiment to promote secular humanism and moral relitivism. Parents, You are ultimately responsible your childs education not the state. To the state your child is just a number and more federal dollars in their pocketbook. Universal Pre K is a bad idea and whether it costs you now or costs you later, it will cost you dearly. Thank you, CL

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