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Indiana Mental Health

Monica Boyer, President of the Indiana Childcare Association, Licensed Home Daycare Provider and mother of four gave testimony to Indiana legislators regarding the Indiana Children’s Mental Health Plan.

…My concern about government involvement in mental health screening of our children is taking the power of a parent’s right to make choices and supervise their child’s social and emotional well being and giving this power to state agencies with little regard to the family.

As a parent of 4 children, I take on the responsibility to protect and promote my child’s health, both physical and mental wellness. Should I feel one of my children were in need because of a possible mental disorder, I would research my options, participate in ongoing clinical assessments, and demand second opinions should they be needed. SEA529 does not address each individual family needs!

Watch the video of her testimony.

Monica tells what happened…

We have the battle of a lifetime ahead of us that I don’t think any of us are prepared to fight. It can’t be won by us, that I do know. The minute I walked into that room yesterday, I knew we were in for it.

Let me start by telling you what happened even before the meeting began. When I walked in the room, it was filled with people in black business suites, all strategically placing themselves in the “right” spots. You could hear whispers all around.

This old man walks in who couldn’t hear well, and sat next to a couple. This couple was very nice to him, and introduced themselves and asked him why he was there. Since he could not hear, he talked very loudly, and explained to this couple he was there for his 6 year old grandson who was going to receive a mental health test from his school.

He said it was required, and he was angry that the government was allowed to do this. He pulls out all of his research. (This man was prepared.) He told them of the law, and what the state plans to do. Everything he said was correct. Well, the vultures took over.

They introduced themselves as being from NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness). They talked to him like he was a child and called him everything but a crazy old man! They told him he did not know what he was talking about the state was not going to test his child. It was aweful. But he stood his ground.

The things I heard in different conversations, made my blood boil. I overheard one conversation, with 2 mental professionals talking about people being admitted into a mental hospital being a good thing and how they would have a good quality of life even if they were in the hospital for the rest of their lives, and how their relatives needed to realize that. This was all before the meeting even started.

Once it began, it was an ambush. There was one representative that stood for our families. One. She stood alone. Everything else was a formality, but a setup. I found out it had all been pre-planned.

Phone calls had been made prior to the meeting, to set up Rep Noe. Representative Noe, informed the committee of her reservations to push this plan forward, because of the uprising in the north, (11,000 signatures) articles that have been written, voter guides that have been printed with 80 legislators saying they do not support Mandatory Mental Health Testing, she pled her case, and simply asked that the rule making be put off for a year so that the Legislators could take a second look at the plan before they acted.

When she said that… There was a buzzing around of all the people, Representative Brown was clearly out of order, and it got dirty. They told Cindy there was no reason to hold back the rule making process, and they demanded to place another motion on the table. The meeting went to recess, and the opposition started handing out pieces of paper.

I overheard a phone conversation from a Mental Health Representative that said. “NAMI has it on the table, it’s done.” The woman who wanted to make a motion, was being coached by Senator Vi Simpson, and others from NAMI, and at 5:00 p.m., it was over.

The final outcome of the meeting was that the commission agreed to the concept of the Indiana Children’s mental health plan, that they don’t support Universal screening, and that they will be there to make recommendations for the rule makers.

All protection from our Legislators (to give them a second chance to look at it) was removed — and the plan moves forward. They’ve got our children. I had my 9-year-old son with me, and I looked at him, and my heart sunk. I felt like I had just handed him over to the state on a silver platter. I can’t describe that feeling to you.

What people need to understand is while it says they do not support Universal Screening, there are 3 other plans they have in place to back up and enforce Universal Screening. So they just use that language as a band aide to make sure they don’t have a parent uprising. It’s a ploy.

What I saw yesterday was a wake up call for me. This plan to take our kids is bigger than we are. These people really believe they have the best interest for our children. These 17 people made a decision yesterday that could affect the rest of our lives, and no one even knows.

Watch the Video

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