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ZeroToThree Makes My Brain Bleed’s latest newsletter celebrates the Democratic win — as it will likely lead to authorization of funding for Head Start and Early Head Start programs also known as Universal Preschool.

Interestingly, the newsletter also reports:

“The American Academy of Pediatrics release of a new report highlighting the importance of free and unstructured play in the healthy development of children’s social, emotional and cognitive abilities. ‘The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds’ notes that a loss of free time and a hurried lifestyle can cause stress, anxiety and depression in children.”

Is it only me who sees the contradiction here? They support legislation to develop programs that SEPARATE tiny children from their parents RESULTING in a hurried lifestyle that is full of STRESS THAT LEADS TO mental health problems.

Mental health problems? Yes! At their website the FEATURED article is “What Is Infant Mental Health?” Here’s what it says:

“Recent widespread media attention has sparked interest in the mental health of babies and toddlers. Infant mental health describes how a child is developing socially and emotionally during his or her first three years of life.”

That’s followed by links to all kinds of reports for professionals about early childhood mental health diagnosis, prevention, promotion and TREATMENT. Yes, it looks like the new “Drugs for Tots” program is coming soon to a neighborhood near you! (Most likely through your local government universal preschool.)

ZERO TO THREE has a Center for Training Services that offers training on diagnosing infants and toddlers with mental health disorders. (Yeah, it’s those sick and twisted babies and tots we all need to watch out for.)

This is beyond my poor brain’s capacity to compute.

Why is it that NO ONE ASKS if the fact that little bitty kids aren’t spending enough time in their parents’ care may be the reason we are seeing “mental health” problems in the first place!

I’m no doctor, but I know when I’m losing my patience.

Seems to me a lot of the “problems” can be traced to what amounts to abandonment of kids in daycare centers so parents can work outside the home. Seems to me the focus on keeping kids busy and stressed out with so-called “learning activities” may stunt their healthy growth and development. needs to stop talking — they’re making me stupid.

3 comments to ZeroToThree Makes My Brain Bleed

  • Anonymous

    As a preschool teacher of over ten years I am offened by some people’s comments on preschool not being important. I know that preschool gives children a good start on education. The children I have taught excel in school now. I’m sorry but are you people on drugs? Please do your research before you comment.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s cute that all of the people in “the child industry” that support universal preschool apparently are incapable of doing their own research, but keep telling everyone else to “do their research”. Morons.

  • Anonymous

    No, those of us who are against preschool — particularly mandatory preschool are not on drugs but the studies I’ve read indicate that many of the children subjected to it soon will be — especially boys.

    I know miss preschool teacher thinks she is a terrific substitute for a parent but I have news for her — children need the love and stability that only a loving parent can offer. Young children should never be warehoused and penned up like little animals.

    Get a clue. Did you even read the information provided

    Oh, and just in case the truth has escaped you, there is much more to living a happy life than getting an early education. Parents do still teach children the things they need to know. I really hope more parents come to realize just how much their children need them and make the effort to spend just as much time as possible with them.

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