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Preschooler Accused of Sexual Harassment in Waco, Texas!

A 4-year-old was suspended from preschool after being wrongly accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by a preschool teacher’s aide!

According to the child’s father, Damarcus Blackwell, his 4-year-old son was lining-up to get on the bus after attending preschool at La Vega Primary School in Waco, Texas, when he hugged the aide. The aide accused the child of rubbing his face in her chest prompting the prinicipal, Elicia Krumnow to send a letter to the Blackwells saying their child exhibited “inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment.”

Don’t roll your eyes yet, it gets worse…

Blackwell insisted his son was wrongly accused, and in an on-camera interview at CNN claimed the aide is the one whose mental health should be evaluated for misinterpreting a hug. The father demanded the school remove the charge from his child’s file.

La Vega Primary responded by downgrading the accusation from “sexual harrassment” to “inappropriate physical contact” — refusing to issue an apology or expunge the incident from the child’s record.

Blackwell is determined to fight the district. He said no 4-year-old should have something like this placed in their file — and then have to carry such an accusation with them the rest of their lives.

Can you imagine being the parent of this child — and the outrage you would feel?

This is a MAJOR reason not to institutionalize little kids in government preschools. Our cultural paranoia about sexual harassment and molestation (yes, I said it) means our infants and tots in government regulated daycare centers and preschools will NEVER get the physical contact they need.

Little kids need lots of hugs and loving, physical human contact. Preschool age children need lap time — not circle time!

Help Mr. Blackwell stand up to the idiocy of the school district. Help him to restore his child’s reputation. Write or email Elicia Krumnow , the principal of La Vega Primary School, and demand she issue an apology and remove the incident from the child’s record.

Elicia Krumnow, Principal
La Vega Primary School
4400 Harrison
Waco, TX 76705

Phone: 254-799-6229

You can also contact the Board of Trustees of the La Vega School District:

Mildred Watkins – President
Rodney Outlaw – Vice President
Dr. Tamra Walthall – Secretary
Henry C. Jennings – Assistant Secretary
Phil Bancale
Randy Devorsky
Kevin P. Harris

c/o La Vega Independent School District
3100 Bellmead Drive
Waco, Texas 76705

Phone: 254-799-4963
Fax: 254-799-8642

9 comments to Preschooler Accused of Sexual Harassment in Waco, Texas!

  • Anonymous

    I wrote to the principal of this ‘institution’ – I will not honour them with titles like “school” or “teacher” – to express my disgust at the depth of crass stupidity exhibited in Wac(k)o!
    But then, that’s America folks!

  • vicki

    Thanks for the links and this site. I emailed the principal and the administators asking that all mention of the incident be removed and the practice of treating toddlers this way to stop. I’m a victim of a horrible school system myself and I say that it’s time for people to demand that the trend to treat children as criminals be stopped. I am seeing story after story of children being treated more harshly and swiftly punished when murderers and other criminals are getting off scott free.

  • Annette M. Hall

    Here is the letter I sent to the principal, Elicia Krumnow:

    Dear Elicia Krumnow,

    It takes a pretty warped mind to accuse a four year old of sexual impropriety. It’s obvious that you have never had children and don’t understand how to best meet their needs.

    I find this entire situation outrageous and unconscionable that you refuse to remove this supposed offense from the child’s record and issue a public apology.

    I am glad that my child doesn’t attend your school, if he did, I would have removed him immediately. You are obviously in the wrong profession.

    I urge you to read an article written by Diane Flynn Keith that should help you to better understand the needs of children:

    Please get help.

    I hope others will take the time to write, so that this child can get a fair shake.

    Thanks for bringing this sitation to our attention Diane.

  • Anonymous

    I think the school principle was right to document this child’s actions. It protects her and her staff.

    You can’t be too careful these days, with everyone being lawsuit happy. What if she didn’t document the incident and the child did something even worse down the road?

  • Shawn K. Hall

    Gosh, something worse!? Like hugging the principal? Maybe saying “please” or “thank you”?

    I guess I just can’t think of anything “worse” than hugging a teacher.

    The only thing inappropriate here is the administration “thinking” that a paper trail asserting that a child is “deviant” because he hugged his teacher will somehow protect them from such a “scary” child.

  • Samiya

    How pathetic! I suppose we are going to have to stop breastfeeding our children so that women like this moronic teachers aide can feel ‘safe and protected’ from being ‘molested by 4 year olds’!

    That woman needs a swift kick up the pants for her prudish and ridiculous attitude towards an affectionate toddler.

    All I can say to this woman is…

    Your village called. They’re missing their idiot! If I was your principal I know who would’ve been removed from preschool honey, and it isn’t the child.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little late on commenting, but I just have to put in my two cents! I’m a preschool teacher at a church based non-profit school, and I have the young 3s/older 4s. I am constantly having to discreetly move their hand from parts of my body but I have never, EVER thought of it as sexual! They are just kids who explore. That teacher has issues! PS We give hugs freely and often.

  • Anonymous

    i read this article and i think the teacher should knoe the difference between a hug and sexuall harassment is. give me a break the child was only four for god sake.she really has issues also the district this child attends has major issues. we have to keep our children safe. if teachers do this then who will they be able to trust.i am a infant teacher and a child needs affection to learn comfort.remember we are there to teach not to send four year olds to jail for something they have no idea what they are doing.

  • Eric

    I agree that the incident should be documented, but calling it sexual harrassment is crazy. I’m giving a speech about zero tolerance in schools and using this case as one of my primary examples. This rapid lack of common sense must be stopped!

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