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Help Save Us From Universal Chocolate!

Just about the time I thought the corporate-government complex couldn’t possibly think of another way to mess with us beyond universal preschool, universal mandatory kindergarten, universal college, universal mental screening, universal Real I.D., etc., they come up with ….. are you ready?…..universal chocolate! And it ain’t the chocolate you’re used to…

The U.S. Chocolate Industry, through its Chocolate Manufacturers of America (CMA), and in collaboration with the Grocery Manufacturers Association, have petitioned the Food and Drug Association (FDA) to change the basic formula for chocolate in order to use vegetable fat substitutes in place of cocoa butter, and to use milk substitutes in the place of nutritionally superior milk. These changes will have adverse effects on the nutritional quality of chocolate — not to mention the eating of it!

What? Chocolate is nutritional? Yes! It contains flavanols that contribute to cardiovascular health in humans among numerous other benefits. Read the research. Read all about chocolate as a psychoactive cocktail too. But I digress….

Gary Guittard of the Guittard Chocolate Company in Burlingame, California is blowing the whistle on this one. He says that if the Chocolate Manufacturer’s Association succeeds with their agenda, the consumer will inherit what is most lucrative for manufacturers to produce rather than the high quality chocolate we all currently enjoy.

Listen, as long as the corporate-government complex is going to mess with us, the least they can do is allow us the anxiety-reducing endorphin high from eating REAL chocolate. They’ve gone too far this time.

Please join me in communicating your dissatisfaction regarding the cheapening of the quality of REAL chocolate to the FDA by going to the Don’t Mess With Our Chocolate website and click on “Register Your Comments” on the menu.

Your opinion is important and needs to be heard along with thecollective outrage from other chocolate lovers. Ask the FDA to reject the industry’s proposal and leave our chocolate alone!

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