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Book Review: The Smarter Preschooler

The Smarter Preschooler!Unlock Your Child’s Intellectual Potential
By Renee and Mike Mosiman

Reviewed by Fran Wisniewski

The Smarter Preschooler, by Renee and Mike Mosiman, is the perfect book for parents of preschool aged children. Jam-packed with interesting information and great learning ideas, The Smarter Preschooler offers parents the activities needed to unlock their child’s intellectual potential. Before long, parents will be able to create the ultimate learning environment in their own home and quickly turn ordinary errands into fun learning adventures, despite the busiest schedule!

The Mosiman’s have read through hundreds of studies to provide answers for parents. They explain how the brain works and what true intellect is – in a way that is easy to understand. They show parents how young children learn and offer simple activities that are highly effective. Parents will not only be able to offer their children a terrific education, but they’ll have a wonderful time getting to know them better!

Are parents qualified to teach their own children?

Let’s face it, no one else is going to care as much about a child or have the child’s best interest at heart than his or her own parents. Despite what others would have parents believe, they truly can give their children what they need to build a strong foundation for life-long learning success. The Smarter Preschooler can help parents get started.

What else will parents learn?

  • How certain types of music affect learning.
  • How nutrition and exercise play an important role in learning.
  • How to boost math skills while building spatial awareness.
  • How to read to children in a way that will create a lifetime love for learning.
  • Why playtime is so important.
  • How easy it is create excellent learning experiences out of mundane chores and everyday routines.
  • How each activity can benefit future learning.

Is preschool really beneficial for children?

Many parents expect preschool to give their children an intellectual edge, others use preschool for socialization, believing that social skills are more important than academic preparation.

According to the Mosiman’s, “studies have consistently shown that the cognitive gains made during both Head Start and the Perry Preschool Program vanish by the end of grade school.” And that, “preschools offer few opportunities for social development.” This is mainly due to the children being shuffled around from activity to activity, leaving little time to interact freely with the other children.

In my personal opinion, parents really can offer their children a superior education and I believe that The Smarter Preschooler can help many parents gain the confidence needed to do this.

Renee and Mike give the reader the benefit of their knowledge and experience, explain the advantages of each activity, and leave no room for excuses! Before you know it, your home will be transformed into an educational playground and you’ll discover how to turn the world into the most wondrous classroom imaginable!

I highly recommend this book to every parent of a preschool aged child and hope every library carries a copy! The book will be in bookstores September 1st, 2009, or you can purchase it from

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