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Day 12: “Fish” and Learn!

Continuing with our 2010 goal to provide you with 365 days of learning activities from our “Home Preschool Curriculum” developed by Fran Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith for, here is the post for Day 12…

Remember, these are learning activities that should only be done if they are enjoyable for you and your child. Do not treat this as a “must do” lesson. It’s simply a fun activity that provides an opportunity to learn.

~~ Go “Fishing” To Lean About Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters & More! ~~

This game can be played in many different ways. You create fish-shaped playing pieces. Then you decorate the fish for game variations. For example, play it as a color game by using colored construction paper to make your fish playing pieces. Or decorate each fish with a different geometric shape, or number, or letter.

What You’ll Need:
Make the Fishing Pole:  Tie a length of yarn or string to the stick or dowel and then tie a magnet to the other end.

Note:  An inexpensive toy fishing pole can be purchased at the dollar store for this game.

Make the Fish:  Draw fish on cardboard (or print them on cardstock) and then cut them out. Attach a paper clip to each fish with tape. Color or paint the fish, add numbers, letters, shapes or words if desired.

How to Play: Put the completed fish into a bowl, box or bucket and let your child go fishing! (The magnet will catch the paper clip.) Let your child tell you what kind of fish they’ve caught – a red fish, a triangle fish, a letter “A” fish, etc. Help your child to identify each fish if they ask.

Note:  You might want to make two fishing poles or more so that others can play along too.


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