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Day 15: Sprinkle Children’s Magazines Around The House

The next section of’s “Home Preschool Curriculum” created by Fran Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith, is about developing Reading Readiness skills. Here are some simple ways to build a foundation that gently nurtures reading readiness skills.

~~ Sprinkle Magazines Around the House ~~

Leave magazines on a coffee table or out in plain sight where they are easy to reach and encourage your child to look through them. Get a magazine subscription for your child such as:

They are designed to engage children with wonderful pictures and interesting text. Leave magazines in the bathroom, bedrooms, and take them in the car with you.

Ask relatives and friends to pass along used magazines to you. Sometimes people sell stacks of magazines (such as Kids Discover or National Geographic) at garage sales for very little money. While the content may be too sophisticated, young children may enjoy looking at the beautiful photographs and just talking about what they see. You can read the text or captions and paraphrase them as needed. Your child won’t know or care that the magazines aren’t “current.”  They will simply enjoy looking through them with you.

For more ideas on developing reading readiness skills visit

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