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Day 58: Even More Motor Skills

Here is another learning activity adapted from our “Home Preschool Curriculum” developed by Fran Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith for

Remember, only do these learning activities if they are enjoyable for you and your child. Do not treat this as a “must do” lesson. It’s simply a fun activity that provides an opportunity to learn, while building “readiness skills” for the school or homeschool environment.

~ Even More Motor Skills ~

Alternate Feet Walking Down Stairs

  • Practice walking up and down stairs. If you don’t have stairs in your home, consider going to an indoor or outdoor public place or building with stairs, for example, the mall, county court house, hotel, etc. Visit a friend or relative that has a home with stairs.  Ask them if you can practice.
  • Play “Follow The Leader” up and down the stairs.


  • Show your child how to march and how to march in place. It might help to let them see a real marching band at a high school or college football game (or even on television broadcasts of college football games). The movie musical The Music Man features a marching band.
  • Include marching as a direction in games such as Follow The Leader, Mother May I, and Simon Says.
  • Add marching to your daily walking routine.
  • March and sing along to The Ants Came Marching.

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