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Day 100: Even More Cognitive Development

Here is another learning activity adapted from our “Home Preschool Curriculum” developed by Fran Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith for

Remember, only do these learning activities if they are enjoyable for you and your child. Do not treat this as a “must do” lesson. It’s simply a fun activity that provides an opportunity to learn, while building “readiness skills” for the school or homeschool environment.

~ Even More Cognitive Development Activities ~

Position and Direction:

  • Child should understand:
    • up and down
    • in and out
    • front and back.
    • over, on, and under
    • top, bottom, middle
    • beside and next to
    • hot and cold.
    • fast and slow
    • full and empty
    • day and night
    • time – such as morning, noon, night
    • knows age and birthday
    • Can identify a calendar

Motor Skills:

  • Child is able to:
    • run
    • walk a straight line
    • jump
    • hop
    • alternate feet walking down stairs
    • march
    • stand on one foot for 5-10 seconds
    • walk backwards for five feet
    • throw a ball
    • paste objects
    • clap hands
    • matches simple objects
    • touches fingers
    • button a garment
    • builds with blocks
    • completes simple puzzles (5 pieces or less)
    • draw and color beyond a simple scribble
    • zip a zipper
    • control pencil and crayon well
    • cut simple shapes with scissors (handles scissors well)
    • copy simple shapes

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