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Day 103: Weird Walks for Mental & Physical Fitness

Here is another learning activity adapted from our “Home Preschool Curriculum” developed by Fran Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith for

Remember, only do these learning activities if they are enjoyable for you and your child. Do not treat this as a “must do” lesson. It’s simply a fun activity that provides an opportunity to learn, while building “readiness skills” for the school or homeschool¬† environment.

~ Fun Walks for Mental & Physical Fitness ~

Weird WalksThey  sure make this look easy on tv... Just a few more steps...  oops...

Who says you have to walk by putting one foot in front of the other? That’s too normal and a little boring! Go for a Weird Walk with your kids. Start out in the normal way and then take turns thinking of weird ways to change your walk as you go.

For example, you can walk backwards, or walk in a straight line by deliberately putting one foot in front of the other, or walk stiffly like a robot, or march- walk like a soldier, or walk loosey-goosey like you don’t have bones, or walk very slowly, or walk really fast, or take three normal steps and then hop on one foot for a while, or walk for ten paces and then jump as far as you can, or walk on your tiptoes, or walk on your heels, or kick a rock while you walk, or walk sideways, or walk and then skip for a while, or walk and then run for a distance, or walk but avoid sidewalk cracks by going around them or jumping over them — you get the idea.

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