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Day 209: Delicious Ways to Enjoy Pizza

There are endless ways for you and your family to enjoy pizza; breakfast pizza, traditional pizza, desert pizza, and peanut butter and jelly pizza, just to name a few! Even if someone in the family has milk allergies there are many cheese alternatives to try such as soy and rice-based cheeses. You may also want […]

Day 208: Plant a Pizza Garden

Using the freshest ingredients available is always a great idea when cooking. Using your own homegrown ingredients is even better! Imagine the excitement your child will have using things that they helped to grow!

What to grow:

Tomatoes Oregano Basil Thyme

You can start with seeds (f you can’t find the seeds you want at […]

Day 207: Make a Pizza Game

After eating all that yummy pizza, why not play a game that will help get everyone moving!

Make a Pizza Game Board

Making this game board beforehand will save time and when the guests arrive the fun can begin right away. Exact dimensions are not given because you can make the pizza board any size […]