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Day 240: Practing Money Skills

After your kids begin to get an idea of what money is and what it’s worth, take advantage of trips to the grocery store to practice their money and counting skills. I deliberately went grocery shopping when I knew the store wouldn’t be too busy. I let my kids choose one item that they wanted.


Day 239: Make Your Own Kazoo

Take an empty paper towel roll and put a piece of waxed paper over one end of the roll securing it with a rubber band. Poke 2 or 3 small holes into the waxed paper. Then, hum into the open end of the “kazoo” to produce a musical sound. It may be hard for little […]

Day 238: Laundry Measurements & Directions

Read out loud the directions on the laundry detergent package. Explain what the directions mean. Show your children how you measure the proper amount to use. Show them how to put the detergent into the machine properly.

I had a little stepping stool that my sons could step onto so that they could see inside […]