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Day 267: Vocabulary Words

Once-a-week, place a new vocabulary word, written on an index card, on the refrigerator door. Point it out to your child. Say the word, define it, and then use it in a sentence. Keep it simple for very young children, although you won’t have to keep it simple for long. My kids loved to wrap […]

Day 266: Potato Science Experiment

If you have some old potatoes, the “eyes’ may have sprouted. You can use a sprouted potato to show your child how a plant seeks the light of the sun in order to grow which is called phototropism. In Greek, “photo” means light and “trope” means turn.

Take a shoebox and poke a round hole, […]

Day 265: Costume Ideas

Need some more costumes to add to your dress-up bin? Here are a few more ideas on where to find some. After all, Halloween is just around the corner!

Garage sales are great places to pick up clothing items and accessories for very little money. Check your newspaper listings or visit Craigslist for garage sales. […]