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Day 301: Ghost Toast


Egg, slice of bread, butter/margarine, and a ghost shaped cookie cutter.


Cover one side of a piece of bread with butter or margarine and cut out a ghost shape (reserve for later). Put the non-buttered side into a very warm buttered frying pan. Turn over when slightly browned. Crack an egg into a […]

Day 300: Spooky Sounds

Ask your child to name some spooky sounds. If they have some trouble coming up with something, help them out a little by asking them to imitate these sounds:

Ghost, bat, wolf, creaking door, howling wind, hissing cat, screeching owl, squeaking mouse, creaking tree, a scream, a kooky laugh, thunder, or a groan.

Encourage your […]

Day 299: Kooky Clay!

Glue putty is a lot of fun to play with and it makes a great project to do with kids of all ages. Mix up a batch today for hours of creative play!

You’ll need:

Step one: 1 T. Borax ½ C. Warm water Bowl Spoon Step two: Zip top bag (snack size is good) […]