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Day 334: The 4th State of Matter – Suspension

Young children will get an unbelievably hands-on experience with this state of matter!

Amazingly, this recipe calls for only two simple ingredients, 3/4c cornstarch and 1/3c water. Food coloring is optional. Mix everything together in a bowl with a spoon. The concoction should be firm when you poke it, and at the same time, your finger should move through it easily if you gently push through it.  Cover the floor with an old shower curtain or table cloth and allow your child to play and explore with this mixture. Is it a liquid or a solid? What happens when you hit it or squeeze it? What happens when you pick it up gently or run your hand through it slowly? What happens when you try to mold it? Use spoons, funnels, and cups to add to the fun.

Oobleck, as this mixture is sometimes called, is a suspension. Sometimes it’s a liquid and sometimes it’s a solid. It all depends on how much force is being applied to the mixture at the time.

Warning: When the fun is over, do not pour this stuff down your drain! It will clog it up. Put it in a plastic bag and throw it away or dig a hole and bury it in the back yard to biodegrade!

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