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Day 365: Old Befana

Get ready to celebrate the arrival of Italy’s “Old Befana” on January 5th-6th. Read the legend of “Old Befana” to your child. You’ll find it here Or get the book, “The Legend of Old Befana” by Tomie dePaola at your local library or at

Looking for a step-by-step program to learn how to […]

Day 364: Auld Lang Syne

Teach your child how to sing the traditional New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne.” The lyrics were written by Scottish poet, Robert Burns. You’ll find the lyrics and music here:

Get innovative learning activities themed around dates of historical importance (and whimsical holidays) with “’s Learning Calendar!” It’s jam-packed with fun for the whole […]

Day 363: Celebrate the New Year

New Year’s Eve is almost here! Show your child an old calendar and a brand new calendar. Explain that the old year is ending, and a new year is beginning. On Decermber 31st, say goodbye to the old year by inviting your child to help tear up the old calendar. (Recycle the torn paper.) Then, […]