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Match Objects

Matching objects builds a good foundation for math. Trace household items onto paper and let your child match the objects to the tracings. Try to use different objects such as a key, an oatmeal box lid, spoon, crayon, small toy, or other creative things.

For more about teaching the concepts of size, colors, shapes, numbers […]

Make a Paper Bag Ground Hog!

Ground Hog’s Day is February 2nd. Celebrate by making a Paper Bag Groundhog!

Show your children how to lightly stuff a brown lunch bag with newspaper. Tape or staple the bag closed. Mold it with your hands to give it a roundish “goundhog” shape. Let the children use markers to put eyes, nose, ears, and […]

Make a “Matching Box”

You’ll need a shoebox with a lid. Use cookie cutters to trace different shapes like a circle, star, square, triangle, diamond, etc., onto the lid of the shoebox and cut out the shape with a cutting tool. Put the lid on the shoebox. Use the cookie-cutters as playing pieces. Simply match the cookie cutters to […]