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Recognize Geometric Shapes

Talk about the shapes of things in your environment. For example, “The living room window is in the shape of a rectangle.” “The car tire is in the shape of a circle.” Ask your child to find similar shapes. The more you identify and talk about shapes, the more your child will understand. Use colorful […]

Play the “I Spy Color” Game

This can be played in the car, while out for a walk, or in the house. Just say, “I spy, with my little eye, something that is red!” See if your child can guess what it is. Continue playing until you identify 5-10 colors.

For more about teaching the concepts of size, colors, shapes, numbers […]

Learning Colors

Here are some ideas for learning colors. Play the board game, “Candyland” to help children recognize colors as they move their game pieces around the board. Color with your child. Set the crayon box near them, away from you. Ask your child to hand you a certain color crayon from the box. If they aren’t […]