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Go on a Counting Walk

Add some fun to a daily walk by counting your steps. Take two steps and say, “One, two.” Pause, and let your child take two steps to catch up to you and count aloud, “Three, four.” Then, take two more steps and count, “Five, six.” Continue to 10 and start over again. Take turns leading […]

Take a Spring Walk!

Spring is in the air! It’s a great time to let your children explore the newness of nature! Go for a walk and talk about how the landscape is changing. Are there leaf and flower buds on trees? Are tulips and other plants pushing their way up in gardens? Is the sun shining or is […]

A Great Art Program for Preschoolers!

By Karen Taylor

Parents of preschoolers often worry that they aren’t doing enough to teach art. I’m excited about open-ended art, where there is no curriculum plan or sample to copy, no teaching involved, and not even a specific time for the art to happen! If you are looking for readiness skills for the […]