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Take Turns Counting

Have fun with your child by taking turns counting. Start with the number 1, then have your child say 2, you would then say 3 and your child would say 4.

Continue counting like this until you get to 10. Help your child if they get stuck by saying the next number. Start the game […]

Expore a potato!

Explore a Potato! What has eyes, but cannot see? Ask your children this question. Can they guess the answer? If not, give them a clue. Let them put their hand into a brown paper bag that has a potato hidden inside. Can they tell what it is just by feeling it? Did they know that […]

10 Fun Winter Learning Activities!

By Karen Taylor

Have the winter doldrums set in? It can happen to anyone, but for the parent home with a preschooler, cabin fever can be especially tough. Here are 10 things that you can do to keep the learning exciting during this time of year! For best results with your preschooler, keep your activities […]