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Sandboxes: Is the Mess Worth It?

By Karen Taylor*

I simply had to write about sandboxes this month, because spring is finally here! I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up so I could share my enthusiasm about playing outside in the sand. It’s not because I love the gritty feel of sand, because I don’t. It’s not because I […]

Understanding Left to Right Progression

While reading recipe directions, have your child add the ingredients as you say them. Have them stir, beat, or mix the ingredients too. If you use a box cake mix let them “read” the pictures shown on the back and get those items (if they can reach) out of the cabinets/fridge. Help them measure, pour […]

Sprinkle Magazines Around the House

Leave magazines on a coffee table or out in plain sight where they are easy to reach and encourage your child to look through them. Ask relatives and friends to pass along used magazines to you. Get a subscription to a children’s magazine such as:

Ladybug ZooBooks Your Big Backyard Highlights For […]