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Give Your Children their Own Books

Give your child his/her very own books. Set aside a special place for your child’s books. Decorate a big box or a book bag, or put a small bookshelf in your child’s room. Ask relatives to give your child gift certificates to bookstores for birthdays and holidays. Check out library sales or go to garage […]

Recipe for Reading

While reading recipe directions, have your child add the ingredients as you say them. Have them stir, beat, or mix the ingredients too. If you use a box cake mix let them “read” the pictures shown on the back and get those items (if they can reach) out of the cabinets/fridge. Help them measure, pour […]

Make a May Day Basket

Decorate a paper plate using markers, crayons, stickers, etc. Bend the decorated paper plate into a cone-shaped “basket.” Tape or staple together. Punch two holes in the top of the “basket” directly across from each other. Attach a piece of ribbon so you can hang the basket on a doorknob. Early on the morning of […]