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Tool Talk

To help develop your child’s vocabulary, talk about tools as you use them with your child. When you use tools like a hammer, screwdriver, or wrench, show it to your child. Tell him/her what it is called and how it is used. Let them watch you use it and give your child a chance to […]

Identifying Parts of the Body

Name different parts of the body as your child is getting dressed or bathing and use the proper names. Using proper names will allow your child to let you and a doctor know when something is physically wrong with them. Read books about the body. Play “Simon Says” using body parts. For example, “Simons says, […]

Fill in the Blank

Write simple sentences on index cards. Leave a word out and ask your child to put a word in the blank. For example, “I like to play with [fill in the blank].” Anything that makes sense is the right answer.

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Give your child a head […]