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Go on a Treasure Hunt

Make a hidden treasure map for your child. Draw the map on a piece of construction paper. Put some lines, symbols and simple directions on it. Glue pictures (cut from a magazine) on the map. When the glue dries, roll the map up and put a ribbon or a rubber band around it. Present the […]

Make Direction Cards

Direction cards can be used to play a fun game that will help your child learn to follow directions. You’ll need about 10 index cards for this and a pen. Write a direction on each card such as hop on one foot, clap your hands, smile, count to 3, point to something round, draw a […]

Trap the Toys!

Take a big, empty cardboard box and write “Toy Trap” on it. Tell your child that you’ve noticed the toys keep escaping from the bedroom. They are everywhere throughout the house. Explain that you’ve built a toy trap to keep them in a safe place when your child isn’t playing with them. Ask your child […]