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Build with Blocks

Building with blocks helps children discover for themselves important concepts such as size, shape, number, space, weight, and height. These are all precursors to good math and science skills. Invest in a set of blocks and encourage your child to play with them. They are the ultimate educational toy and come in a variety of […]

Solving Simple Puzzles

Buy puzzles especially designed for young children and put them together. Or, make your own puzzles! Glue a magazine picture or photograph to poster board or cardboard. Cut it up into 5-6 pieces (or more, depending on your child’s ability), and let your child put it back together. Do puzzles online too, at

Give […]

Cutting Shapes with Scissors

Learning to use scissors requires practice. Give your child paper (like junk mail or old magazines) and a pair of scissors. Demonstrate how to cut the paper. They will not have much direction when they begin, they will need to learn how the scissors work at first. Eventually they will get the hang of it. […]