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Fun Emo Walks for Mental & Physical Fitness

Let the way you walk reflect the way you feel. We all have emotional ups and downs. You and your child can walk like you’re happy, walk like you’re sad, walk like your mad, walk like a bully, walk like you’re shy, walk like a king or queen, walk like the weight of the wolrd […]

Crossing Streets Safely

Although young children should not cross a street alone, they should know how to do it. Teach your child to Stop, Look, and Listen! Before crossing a street, stop! Then, look both ways (left and right, then left again) and listen for oncoming cars. When it is safe, cross the street. Practice crossing streets safely […]

Can You Afford The Holidays?

By Karen Taylor

A lot of families are financially hurting right now, and that means more stress for stay-at-home moms who may wonder if they should get a job. To add to the pressure, most young parents grew up during a time when adults went into debt to make sure every child’s wish was […]