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The Beauty of Symmetry

A great way for little ones to learn about symmetry is to fold an object in half and make both sides match up exactly.  You can use a piece of paper to illustrate this by folding colored paper in half and cutting out a random shape.  When you open the paper you’ll see that both sides are the same.

The next time you go out for a walk, look for some symmetrical objects around you. Here are some of the things you can look for and observe: a butterfly, a feather, a flower, a leaf, a snowflake, a hexagon (stop sign) and a shell.

“Let’s Fly A Kite” a MathStart book by Stuart J. Murphy  ISBN 0064467376 is a book about symmetry. When you finish reading the book, make some symmetrical paintings with your child!

You can also use paint to show your child how symmetry works. Get a piece of white paper and fold it in half, open it, and dab a small amount of paint on one half of the paper in any design desired. Press the two sides together. When your child opens the paper, notice how the paint design is the same on both sides of the paper.

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