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Sheltering is OK!

Sheltering is OK!

By Karen Taylor

According to some people, you can’t get a child out of the home and into institutional learning fast enough.

They spout reasons that include academics, socialization, and learning how to deal with bullies. If a young child cries and just doesn’t seem quite ready, they think it proves their point that the child would be better off in a preschool and away from a smothering mother.

Hiding Behind Mama’s Skirts and Cutting the Apron Strings are two of many derogatory phrases that are used to describe a “problem” that many think could be fixed by sending a child to preschool. You may be told you are overly protecting your child and keeping him from getting tough, and that you are sheltering him!

When a mother is accused of sheltering, it really tugs at her heart because while her instincts tell her that her child is still very young and in need of her, the noise from society is pretty loud and clear that she has a problem if she can’t let go and let someone else teach her child.

I want to reaffirm what you already know deep down – that sheltering is not a dirty word!  It’s a good thing, and yes you should be protecting your young child. When a child is ready, he’ll take the steps toward independence, and he’ll be more secure and ready because he wasn’t shoved out early.

The next time someone implies or boldly criticizes that you are sheltering your child, just smile and thank them for noticing that you are doing what is best for your child!

*Karen Taylor provides regular homeschooling information and mentoring on Facebook, and she is the Directory of Cedar Life Academy, a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) for homeschoolers in California.

1 comment to Sheltering is OK!

  • An interesting fact that is seldom mentioned is that a child who is allowed to be dependent on a parent for a long time tends to be more independent as they grow older. While I am not able to remember the source of this bit of wisdom I do know that was the case with our daughters. I still have stretch marks on my legs from the “cling-on” experience with my children. Both become very independent and respectful teens and adults as a result.
    There is a disturbing trend by the public educational system is to separate the child from the family as early as possible. It is no wonder that we have a society that is experiencing such challenges with our teen population.

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