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Twist-Tie Activities

If you have a draw full of old twist-ties offer them to your child and see how creative they can be!
My children enjoy making people with four ties.

Here’s how:
Make a circle out of one of the ties to create the body. Then, take another tie and twist it around the bottom part of the circle to create legs; bend the ends to make feet. Take another tie and make arms in the middle of the body. You can do this by laying the tie across the middle of the body and wrapping each end around the outer rim of the circle, bend the ends to create hands. The last tie will be used to make the head. Put the tie through the body and twist it once, then twist the tie in the middle to create another circle and form the head. Finish off the head by twisting the remaining length. The excess can be tucked  around the head, or pushed to the back to form a pony tail.

To make a smaller version of a twist-tie person, find the center of  the tie and loop it around your finger; twist the tie one full turn and form a circle. Take a second  tie, find the center, and twist it around the bottom of the circle to create arms, twist the tie around to desired arm length (this may take 2 or more turns depending on the length of the twist-tie). Separate the bottom of the tie to create legs.
With a little imagination, your child can create some really wonderful things like tables, chairs, houses and more.


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