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Number Toss Game

Here’s a great way to familiarize your little one with numbers and counting!

What you’ll need:

•Deck of cards
•Bean bags or socks rolled into balls (or something soft to toss)
•Laundry basket or box

Set up: You’ll need a deck of cards with the picture cards and jokers removed.
If your child is only ready for 1 or 2 #’s remove any unwanted cards and just
play with what you need.

Note: You can make your own cards with index cards. Be sure to draw objects on
the cards for your child to count. It is helpful for beginners to see the number
of objects that corresponds to any given number.

How to play:

Allow the youngest to go first.

Player one: Pick a card and then count the objects depicted on the card. When
finished counting, have the player pick that many bean bags or socks from the
pile. (Example: if they pick the # 2, have them count 2, then pick two bean bags
or sock balls.)

Player two: Pick a card, count the objects, and take that many bean bags or sock

Once both players have their bean bags/sock balls it is time for some fun! Each
player will toss their objects into the laundry basket or box in turn. If your
child has 2 objects to toss, let him toss them both. Then it is the next
player’s turn.

Collect the tossed objects and start again!

Add cards as your child gains confidence. This game can also be played with dice
instead of playing cards.

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