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The Beauty of Symmetry

A great way for little ones to learn about symmetry is to fold an object in half and make both sides match up exactly. You can use a piece of paper to illustrate this by folding colored paper in half and cutting out a random shape. When you open the paper you’ll see that both […]

The Legend of “Old Befana”

Get ready to celebrate the arrival of Italy’s “Old Befana” on January 5th-6th. Read the legend of “Old Befana” to your child. You’ll find it here:

Or get the book, “The Legend of Old Befana” by Tomie dePaola at your local library or at

Give your child a head start on the […]

Website Story Times

These websites have free stories and activities for children that you can read online or print out and read offline:

Children’s Storybooks Online – illustrated storybooks for kids of all ages: Children’s Classics – illustrated classics for younger children: Children’s Story – free fairy tales, nursery rhymes, interactive stories, and holiday stories: […]