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Day 301: Ghost Toast


Egg, slice of bread, butter/margarine, and a ghost shaped cookie cutter.


Cover one side of a piece of bread with butter or margarine and cut out a ghost shape (reserve for later). Put the non-buttered side into a very warm buttered frying pan. Turn over when slightly browned. Crack an egg into a […]

Day 273: Go on a Leaf Walk

Take a walk on a crisp fall day to see all of the wondrous colors of the season captured in fall foliage. Use this opportunity to introduce words and terms your children may not have heard before like “fall foliage,” “Autumn,” and the names of various trees you see like elm, maple, birch, oak, etc. […]

Day 264: Make Your Own Butter

Your child can make butter! Here’s how:

You will need a small clear jar (like a babyfood jar) with a lid, heavy whipping cream (the kind that comes in liquid form in a carton – not the kind you squirt from a can), a strainer, salt, a spoon, a knife, and bread or crackers.

Pour […]