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Water Hose Limbo!

Get a garden hose with a nozzle and turn on the water. Adjust the nozzle to produce a straight stream of water about waist-high. Invite everyone to limbo under the water stream. Each time the players pass under the water stream, you lower it slightly. The players continue to try to limbo under the […]

Write Your Name!

If your child is familiar with the individual letters of his/her name then show them how to write their name. Use a chalkboard or white board to practice writing their name. Print your child’s name on a piece of paper. Put a piece of tracing paper over it and show your child how to trace […]

Personalized Stories!

This activity will help your child recognize his/her name in print. Write a story about your child, with your child. Use his/her name often. When you read it together ask your child to clap or make a sound when he/she hears or sees their name in the story.

For more ideas on developing reading readiness […]