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Ending Tantrums & Meltdowns

by Karen Taylor

I recently watched a little boy plunk himself down in the middle of a very busy Farmer’s Market parking lot. Arms sternly folded (you know the look!), he had a very unhappy face and clearly was not planning on budging. Every child tries something like this during the preschool years. The questions […]

Easel Painting with Young Children

by Karen Taylor

There aren’t many traditional school activities I recommend replicating at home, but easel painting is one of them! Since some schools are now eliminating painting to make room for academics, it’s more important than ever to offer this activity at home when you can.

Young children will joyfully create painting after painting. […]

Preschool Pressure

by Karen Taylor

It’s back to school time, or as we homeschoolers often call it, not back to school! While experienced homeschoolers may be thrilled to begin another year of freedom, sometimes this is a time of increased worry for parents of preschoolers.

We used to think of homeschooling as beginning with kindergarten or first […]